Plain Pachamama Bird Brooch with Garnet Stone


About Pachamama – Fair Trade since 1988

In the beginning ‘Fair-Trade’ was not a known term, but Pachamama has always taken pride in dealing direct with producers, being faithful to suppliers and building long-term relationships with the people we work with.

Starting trade in South America, Pachamama, meaning ‘Mother Earth’ was started as a means to fund voluntary work on ecological projects. The issues we address as fair traders are the same as those which cause many ecological problems – The fundamental imbalance between rich and poor, and the absence of ethical considerations from the marketplace. Now, twenty years later we trade with Bali and Java in Indonesia.

All of our jewellery is sterling silver, handmade by highly skilled silversmiths in small workshops in Bali and Java, Indonesia. The attention that our producers give to every item is proved in the quality of work. We believe that working fairly with our producers results in excellence… We’re sure you will too!

In the central Andes of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, Pachamama is the Earth Mother – source and destination of all life, distillation of all time and space. She provides what we need, but in return must be respected and cared for, to maintain her ecological balance. Our trade is no longer with the people who live in the Andes, but the ethical principles represented by our choice of name are universal, and they are still just as relevant as when we began.

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